Since 2005 I have performed my acts at hundreds and hundreds of events all around the world, specialising in contortion, handstand balance, and duo acrobalance.  I have performed at many different types of events, from small private events to large events attended by thousands of people, from London to most of Asia, from media advertisements to a large West End Musical.

To me there is a vast difference in being able to perform a skill and in the ability to perform a skill in an artistic context on a stage to an audience.  To perform in an artistic context takes a special fire that burns in the heart to express yourself through the movement and to make a skill/sequence/act your own. My performances have evolved over the years and will continue to evolve, my hope is that they always come from my heart and that they are a mixture of both skill and artistry.

I currently perform both choreographed acts and ambient performances in solo and duo contortion, handstand balance, and acrobalance.

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