My name is Sally and I live in London, UK.  I am primarily a professional performance artist, but alongside that then I love teach others.   

Gymnastics and Acrobatics Teacher
I grew up in the gymnastics and acrobatics world.  A competitive gymnast since I was 7yo, I participated and competed in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics, and in Acrobatic Gymnastics. I was taught over the years by numerous amazing coaches in several different clubs, my most mentionable being the late Frank Stevens who taught from his heart and inspired so many including me. I received my first British Gymnastics coaching qualification in 2000. I have gone on to receive qualifications in teaching Women’s Artistic Gymnastics, General Gymnastics, and Acrobatic Gymnastics, as well as judging qualifications in Women’s Artistic and Acrobatic Gymnastics. I have taught in clubs across England.  I currently teach freelance and for Tekne Gymnastics.

Handstand and Contortion Teacher
I have performed professionally as a contortionist and handbalancer at events all around the world since 2005.  As well as performing then I love to pass on my knowledge by teaching others the beauty of handstands and of contortion/flexibility.  I began training these arts in the UK in the days before social media and classes the UK in them existed, my expertise arises from years of personal research, intense anatomy study (I also have a degree in physiotherapy), and a lot of conversations with other experts in the field. Over the last 15 years I have been lucky enough to live and train alongside several world class handbalancers and contortionists who I have also learnt a lot from in an exchange of knowledge.  I currently teach on a freelance basis.

Yoga Teacher
I have a bilateral congenital knee disorder which led me to a Bikram Studio in 2009. I was good at standing on my hands, less so on my feet. Through Bikram Yoga I practiced under some amazing teachers (Ky Ha, Cintra Brown) and this led me to becoming the UK Yoga Asana Champion three times and 2nd place in the World Championships 2016 (it is hard to explain but to me that does not mean ‘the best’ but that I conquered personal internal battles of own mind).  My interest in yoga does not stop at asanas, and living in London I have probably practiced a class in most yoga styles.  Today I mainly have my own daily practice I do at home. 
In 2017 I travelled to India and received my 200hr teaching qualification in Vinyasa Yoga. Today I can be found teaching online and workshops around the UK to all levels and abilities.

Crystals and Crystal Healing
When I was growing up my mum was a spiritual energy healer.  I didn’t get it at the time, in fact I used to laugh at her and not understand any of it.  But then my mind opened and I saw how beneficial working with the energy systems can be. Today I very much connect with the notion that everything is an energy.  With crystals and healing it is an exchange and channeling of energy. I also find meditating with crystals especially powerful. Crystals and minerals are also of course absolutely fascinating pretty beauties of Mother Earth. I have studied Crystal Healing with Philip Permutt, and I hope to continue my journey and learning into energy healing over the next few years.

Qualifications and Certificates
British Gymnastics Coaching Qualifications: Women’s Artistic Gymnastics, Acrobatic Gymnastics, General Gymnastics.
British Gymnastics Judging Qualifications: Women’s Artistic Gymnastics, Acrobatic Gymnastics
Yoga Teacher Training: Sampoorna Yoga India 200hr
BSc(hons) Physiotherapy: Leeds Metropolitan University (please note I am not currently a practicing physiotherapist)
Enhanced DBS: Expires 3rd August 2023
Safeguarding Award: Expires 11th September 2021
Teaching Insurance and Public Liability: British Gymnastics, Equity, Yoga Alliance, (all current and active)