We supply acrobatic and shiny sparkly acts and performances to the world of entertainment and events.  We brighten up the room, make life more interesting, and give guests something amazing to remember your event by.

Our Crystal People are made of the shiniest Swarovski and Preciosa crystals, and are the shiniest of performers you can find.  It began as a personal project, but since they look so great then it was extended to be offered to events all over the world.  

True fact: our crystal people are so shiny that the first few videos we took of them needed to be reshot on a better camera as the Samsung S8 just made them a big white bloom of sparkle.

“A jaw dropping performance by a contortion dancer covered with glitter and jewels.”

Luxsure International about an Event for Shawish Jewellery

About our CEO

She lived a darkened sad life, until in about 2005 when she discovered the spotlight, when she stood on that stage she became a different person, her anxieties faded away, she radiated a shine, her eyes came to life, and deep inside her head she announced to the world that she had finally arrived.  Since that day she intensely trained her skills in handbalance, contortion, and aerial, performed them across the world at so many amazing beautiful events, and shared with everyone the sparkle that is Lady Crystarzia. Welcome to my world 💎