The Feet Up Trainer

A few months ago I was sent a lovely parcel containing the Feet Up trainer.

Just as a pre-note then a special mention to the delivery, packaging, and ease of putting together the FeetUp trainer all of which were exquisite.  It looks smooth and upmarket.  It is also surprisingly light considering it’s immense sturdiness.

The FeetUp trainer is a stool specially and primarily designed to get people upside down and gaining the beautiful benefits of an inversion.  For anyone who has neverbeen upside down before, or has any issues with the pressure placed on the head or neck during headstands, then it is a useful device, and allows an inversion with no pressure on the head or neck.  I actually can not wait to get some of my rather unfit and non-upsidedown family members to try the stool (watch out Mumsi Miller!).

For me, I can already invert easily, and so like with any device I  looked at the stool, and I allowed a billion other uses came into my head.  Over the course of a few weeks I played with the stool and here is what I discovered:

It is AMAZING for oversplits, the height is beautiful, the padding is even more beautiful.  Just as an oversplits stool it is absolutely fantastic.

My second favourite thing to do with the stool is a pike stretch, I already often sit on a slant when doing


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